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22nd September 2019

James Raven
ROLLOVER ( Scroll down for reader reviews )

James Raven ROLLOVER
James Raven ROLLOVER
Large Print edition of Rollover available from Ulverscroft Publishers at
Rollover is a fast- moving crime novel set in the South of England. It features journalist Danny Cain and detective Jeff Temple of Hampshire’s Major Crime Department.

Saturday night in the home of Danny Cain and his family. As their daughter sleeps upstairs, Danny and his wife watch the televised national lottery draw – this week a massive £18m rollover jackpot.

Minutes after the draw they receive a call from Danny’s best friend and business partner who claims that he’s won the jackpot.

He tells Danny to drop everything and come over to his cottage in the New Forest. But when Danny gets there he finds his friend has been murdered – and his winning lottery ticket has disappeared.

Before Danny can alert the police he receives a call from the killer who claims he’s kidnapped Danny’s wife and daughter. The man warns him not to tell anyone about the ticket.

And so Danny is plunged into a desperate nightmare. He goes on the run because the police think he killed his partner and he’s faced with a desperate race against time to save his family.

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Reader Reviews

"I found this story to be engaging, entertaining and extremely well written. It's got everything; gambling, illicit sex, murder and corruption. A genuine page-turner of a thriller with twists and turns right to the end!"
Newbooks Magazine Review

“Rollover is one of the best books I have ever read. I found it thrilling and exciting right from the first page. It jumped from one tense situation to the next and back again in each chapter leaving the reader breathless with anticipation I found the pace breath-taking and exhilarating. It was a great ending, far different from what I had imagined.”
Amazon reader.

“This is a thrilling book from start to finish. One of the best crime novels I've read in a long time. It has real pace and tension and the plot idea is a gem.”
Book Depository review.

“It's always enjoyable to discover a great novel and this was truly a reading pleasure. All the elements are here to satisfy even the most demanding critic. This great novel by James Raven could very well be on the road to "Best Seller" status as it deserves it! Rollover is a winner!”
Amazon reader.

“I have to say it's one of the best crime novels I've read. The pace is relentless from the opening page and it doesn't let up. The narrative is rich and full of details about an area of the UK I'm not familiar with. The story revolves around a huge lottery win and a journalist named Danny Cain who has to go on the run from both the police and a sadistic killer. It would make a great movie.”
Barnes and Noble US.

“I really enjoyed this book. It’s a real page-turner with characters you can relate to.
The book’s cover helps to make it stand out. It’s so distinctive and scary. Rollover gets a top score from me. Roll on Raven’s next book.”
Waterstones review.

“This is a cracking book. The tension is incredible and the plot highly original. It starts with a man being murdered after he scoops a huge lottery win. From then on the action is non-stop and it builds to a sensational climax.”
Barnes and Noble US.

“Who hasn't thought about winning the lottery? This book shows the dark, gritty side of winning. Life isn't all mansions and luxury automobiles after you win. There are people in the world who want something from you and this book reminds you of this. The book moves at a fast pace and pulls you into the fear and thrill of story. I highly recommend adding this to your library for anyone who likes a thriller and edge-of-your-seat type of read.”
Amazon reader.

“I really couldn't put this book down. As the story progressed the plot thickened. Lots of 'who dunnits.' Quality writing and nicely put together. A very enjoyable read.”
Amazon reader.

“Rollover is a roller-coaster of a book. It's fast moving and exceptionally well written. It kicks off with a mega lottery win which leads to a gruesome murder and the kidnap of an innocent family.”
Barnes and Noble US.

“This is a cracking read that is full of pace and tension. The author keeps the reader guessing from the start and I honestly felt sorry for the fictional family caught up in a series of terrifying events that follow a huge lottery jackpot win. The characters are all believable and the plot is a humdinger! Great stuff.”
Amazon reader.

“This book is fantastic could not put it down until I finished it within 2 days. I would recommend this to a friend it is good value it’s in my top ten reads.”
Amazon reviews.

“This is a gripping book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The action is non-stop and I can't recommend it highly enough.”
Waterstones review.

“The new Dick Francis! A stunning thriller. I had never heard of James Raven but have just bought his other books and will devour. Clever plot and cunning twist. Keep writing, Mr Raven!”
Amazon reader.

“What a rip roaring ride Rollover is. The action takes place between the rural charm of the New Forest and the rather grimy underbelly of late night Southampton, clearly territories that the author knows well. Raven employs a spare taut prose honed no doubt during his days as a newspaper journalist to create a fast paced story of love, murder, kidnap and betrayal. A genuine page turner of a thriller with an ending which brilliantly pulls together the strands of a tangled tale.”
Amazon reader.

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