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22nd September 2019

James Raven
BRUTAL REVENGE ( Scroll down for reader reviews )

James Raven BRUTAL REVENGEThe inhabitants of a tiny island off the coast of Scotland harbour a guilty secret-they’ve recovered a hoard of treasure from an ancient wreck.

But four unscrupulous villains from the mainland find out about the treasure and set out to steal it one stormy night.

Things don’t go to plan, though, and the fragile loyalty that exists between them is shattered when the islanders fight back.

What follows is a nightmare of brutality and revenge.

The fast-flowing violence sweeps the reader across a rugged, desolate landscape to a shocking conclusion.

Available as a Kindle ebook from: Amazon


Reader Reviews

“I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. It's about a group of looters who go to a remote Scottish island to steal a hoard of treasure. But things turn bad and they find themselves at odds with the peace-loving islanders. It's a violent book with a simple plot, but it moves at a feverish pace and the characters are vividly drawn. I recommend it.”
Amazon reader.

“I downloaded this as a freebie because I liked the cover. I also liked the book. It was easy going and a bit different to the crime thrillers I usually read. It's basically about a robbery on a remote Scottish island that goes terribly wrong. The robbers then find themselves pitted against the peace-loving islanders. There's lots of action and a fair amount of violence and the book has plenty of pace.”
Amazon reader.

“A short somewhat brutal story. Made you think what would you do? I like James Raven's writing - four books I have read so far are all completely different. Look forward to reading more.”
Goodreads review.

“I really enjoyed this's short, punchy and well written. I got through it in one sitting and was gripped from the start. It's pretty violent and not for the squeamish. It's also unusual in the sense that all the action takes place on a remote Scottish island. I've become a big fan of this author and highly recommended him.”
Amazon reader.

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